Youth Athlete Eligibility

1. Must be a member of ATA.

2. May be a member of SCTP, as well as their coaches, as proof of liability insurance.

3. All school-age boys and girls in Grades 5- 12, or under, as of September 1st with the physical, mental and emotional maturity to participate in a team sport are eligible to participate.

4. Participants must be bona fide students enrolled in an accredited school or home-schooled program.

5. Each athlete must be deemed academically eligible to participate in school-sponsored sports programs.

Squad Divisions

Teams must attempt to squad according Division as outlined below. Must be a full 5-member squad all representing the same Team. The squad shoots in the division of its highest ranked shooter. If a team has more eligible shooters than can fill a squad they may, at the coach’s discretion, fill a squad with less than five members or members from another team. Both of which make them ineligible for team awards but still eligible for individual awards. When competing on ineligible mixed squads, division ranks do not apply to the members of that squad. Any participation in SIYSSA shoots within a shooting year constitutes a year of participation.

  • Rookie Division (Grades 5th or under)
  • Intermediate Entry (Grades 6th-8th)*
    • 1st year of participation in Intermediate Division
  • Intermediate Advanced (Grades 6th-8th)
    • After 1 year of participation in Intermediate Entry Division
  • Junior Varsity (Grades 9th-12th)**
    • 1st and 2nd year of participation in Junior Varsity Division
  • Varsity (Grades 9th-12th)
    • After 2 years of participation in Junior Varsity Division
  • Junior Gold (Ages 18-22, as of September 1st of the shooting year)
    • If member is 18 years old, but still in High School, member will be considered Varsity, not Junior Gold
  • Open (no declaration of division and used at the discretion of the head coach to complete a squad ONLY when its members represent a wide range of divisions and every effort has been made to squad according to the other Divisions.) o Only 1 squad is allowed per team per event
    • If team has only 1 squad then that squad may be placed in the Open Division
  • Mixed (Ineligible squad for team trophies. See above.)

  • Athletes competing in the SIYSSA Invitational will be classified by their current year enrollment in school:

    • Senior High (All 9th-12th Graders)
    • Junior High (All <= 8th Graders)

Classification & Category
At SIYSSA competitions, youth athletes are allowed to declare ATA Special categories (Junior, Sub-Junior and Lady), however each squad must declare their SIYSSA/SCTP Division. Classification will adhere to ATA rules Section V(C) as determined by the registered shoot management.  Typically, SIYSSA competes in a 4-Class (A,B,C,& D) tournament.

email above form to 

by the Tuesday preceding any shoot date

SIYSSA Trapshooting Guidelines

These guidelines are meant to support the activities of each member team by encouraging good sportsmanship and responsibility.  SIYSSA is committed to developing youth trap shooters to compete both individually and through team effort. Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) rules will be observed in all aspects of SIYSSA trap shooting competition governance except where team/squad rules will be superseded as described to the left. 

SIYSSA regular competitions will observe rules as set forth, in part, by the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and AIM for their State and National Competitions